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Here is a random sample of comments from a collection of our industry encounters to provide something of an experience expectation barometer. After all, without a feedback loop the optimisation process would be impossible. Read industry opinions, in reverse chronological order.

our directors feedback

Mia Fenton

I have had the pleasure of working with Alex to set up our web analytics. Thanks to his long-term and strategic approach, he has been a truly value-adding partner to TBSeen; his technical expertise and data analysis skills were instrumental to the successful implementation of tag management, testing and real-time dashboards. I would recommend Alex to any organisation needing freelance support with Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Joseph Nathan

Alex is a very trusted analytics subject matter expert that added great value to News UK covering these areas; Adobe Analytics implementation using Tealium Tag Management solution across News UK sites and native apps, Clickstream feed management for big data / CRM infrastructure, KPI generation, Excel and Tableau Dashboards design, ABCe Publisher Audit filing and Junior team training. A great guy to work with and highly recommended.

Simon Ricketts

Alex is strategic in outlook and technically adept. Over a two year period, he recommended and rolled out an improved method of visitor tracking across Tesco’s web sites and native apps using the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. He was quick to get up to speed with our business and the challenges faced by the central Best Practice team, as part of a wider digital transformation project. He integrated well within the team, sharing knowledge and providing training across the business.  In addition to his technical prowess, Alex was a pleasure to work with...I would highly recommend him to any business looking to either setup or advance their digital analytics capability.

Giedre Gray (nee Guntulionyte)

A true Google Analytics guru and a very nice person to work with too!

Nathan Levi

Alex at TAGTONIC has one of the broadest skill sets in analytics I've come across. He is the full package in the sense that he can strategise, implement and create business cases. It's rare to find someone in analytics who is both a technical master and strategic at the same time. Alex would be an asset to any organisation.

Siim Teller

You need Alex on your Rolodex, period. Getting him involved in projects at Skype and more recently at Flattr provided a better understanding of how customers use the product, what customer journey 'friction' points exist and the solution(s) required. Great at both strategic thinking and tactical operations, Alex is always focused on understanding a business and getting the relevant results.  I won’t hesitate to work with him on future projects as I have come to enjoy his particular blend of professionalism, analytical skills and friendship.

Andrus Purde

Discussions about analytics usually started with Alex asking "What's the business question?" Alex's ability to see the forest behind the trees paired with top technical and communication skills helped me approach the sometimes tedious analytics issues like a treat.  In short, he's a star.

Shervin Moghaddam

Alex is a gem. He's got great experience at a range of online companies and was able to leverage knowledge he's gained to help Skype do better. He is sincerely passionate about the user, always pushing those around him to understand customers better quantitatively and qualitatively when trying to design marketing campaigns and products. He has gained tremendous knowledge of the overall marketing process and how to develop the analysis and execution infrastructure to make marketing in a company more successful. He's also a fun guy, a great team player, always positive, persistent and pushing to get the right stuff done. I'd love to work with Alex again.

Tim Botterill

Alex at TAGTONIC is a first class analytics guru. Whenever I have worked with him he cuts through the chaos starting with the business question and working back from there. A details man who sees the bigger picture. He's equally at home whether he's interpreting reports or consulting on giant data warehousing projects. Hugely experienced, he lives analytics, always up to date on the latest industry developments and to top it off, he's great fun to work with.

Tracy Jarvis

I had the pleasure of working with Alex in the London Razorfish Office. Alex started our analytics department which was a must needed piece of the digital pie. He was able to build a foundation of the company offering, a team and brought solutions to clients.  Alex delivered custom solutions to a wide variety of clients, no matter if it was simple campaign tracking or complex site side architecture (drop off analysis, digital touch point, etc).  Things in this industry come at you in all directions and Alex takes them head on, formulating plans and not getting phased by the stressful environment. He delivers complex topics in an easy, digestible way. Clients loved what he had to say and the team loved working with him.

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