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Wouldn't it be wonderful if the number of analyst generated insights where directly and positively correlated to the volume of data a business collected?  Sadly, in the big data world we now live in the reverse is probably true, placing more importance than ever on the art of asking the right question and knowing where to look for answers. Fortunately, we never stop asking questions of data and this helps us to discover patterns that lead to business ideas that can be acted upon.

attribution modelling

Prove the impact marketing activity has and get the best return on investment across mobile, online and  in-store advertising with our attribution modelling service.  We assess all available internal and external company data sources to build a comprehensive picture of market trends, profitable acquisition sources and qualified leads to ensure optimal marketing spend and improved conversion rates.

Do you know what customer touch-points work best and when?

friction finder

We are the impartial ambassadors of your customers, hunting down any inhibitors that prevent completion of satisfied outcomes. Why aren't more people doing what you want them to do?  Our analysis and investigation starts by mapping user journeys across devices and channels, detecting pain points along the way and leveraging different type of potentially insightful data sources. Qualitative data from app reviews and call centre transcripts and quantitative data from in-store and online sources for example. As much as we are permitted, we'll walk in the shoes of your customers to find those "aha!" moments that lead to improved customer satisfaction using statistical techniques back up those hypotheses and give confidence to any recommendations.

Do you know why your prospects and customers are leaving?


Every customer is different so why talk to them the same way? What if you could identify similar people across a wide range of social, demographic psychographic and behavioural traits and obtain greater efficiency when targeting those potential customers. If personalisation is desirable, but not always practical due to resource constraints, perhaps segmentation is right for you or your business. We use industry recognised statistical methods like clustering and predictive modelling (K-means, 2-step, Latent, CHAID) to uncover hidden relationships in customer data attributes. The outputs provide a set of recommendations for visitor segments that can be used to enhance CRM activity, site dynamic content creative and much more.

Do you already provide a differentiated customers experience? 


This doesn't pass as analysis for us, but plenty of clients ask us to build Reports and Dashboards while implementing analytics tools, or performing independent deep-dive analysis. We are proud of all the custom made visualisation that have been built over the years and even more elated when they answer specific business questions.  These outputs vary by request, but can be anything from a standalone, personal desktop solution, to a community based, real-time data feed that is beamed across internal TV screens and customised for specific teams.  It's all good.

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